Evangelism Project Management and Record Keeping Survey 13 Respondents

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The survey is aimed at assessing and illuminating the needs of the church with regards to standardized policy and implementation framework with respect to Evangelism Project Management in the aspects planning, monitoring and evaluation, reporting, book keeping, permanent data archiving as well as data mining. Taking the survey will contribute immensly towards helping obtain a clearer picture of what the needs of the church are and thus what feasible solutions can be put in place to implement a unified technology-driven project management framework.

ICMS is piloting a cloud based Evangelism Project Management System which enforces standardized project workflows, planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation, book keeping, automated reporting for local churches, up to local conferences, Unions, Divions and GC. Sign up Here and start planning and executing evangelism projects professionally.

Disclaimer: The ICMS Evangelism Project Management Plaform is a proprietary innovation of Think Enovat and is at the moment availed on a pilot and experimental basis. As of yet ICMS carries no endorsement from: nor affiliation with: the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Users are guaranteed the privacy, integrity and confidentiality of their real time or demo data captured within the platform. While the platform is tailor-crafted for Churches, the Evangelism Project Management and VOP modules are of service to general members of the church who want to implement structure and professional Project Management ethic to their individual evangelism efforts. All activites conducted by departmental heads and individuals report automatically to the main church account (nornally the PM leader) as well as the Personal Ministries Directorate at the Local Conference level.

For any questions and clarity contact: Gugu on +27 729 748 371 or drop a line at: info@icmsglobal.org

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