Poll Title: Evangelism Project Management and Record Keeping Survey

The survey is aimed at assessing and illuminating the needs of the church with regards to standardized policy and implementation framework with respect to Evangelism Project Management in the aspects planning, monitoring and evaluation, reporting, book keeping, permanent data archiving as well as data mining. Taking the survey will contribute immensly towards helping obtain a clearer picture of what the needs of the church are and thus what feasible solutions can be put in place to implement a unified technology-driven project management framework.
  Head Elder
  Personal Ministries Leader
  Department Leader
  We have no tools
  We plan on paper
  We use a digital tool
  We plan on MS Excel
  We have no tools
  We report on paper
  We use a digital tool
  We report on MS Excel
  Church Membership Data Management and Auditing
  Evangelism Project Management (Planning, Reporting and Data Archiving)
  Tithes and Offerings Record Keeping, Remittance and receipting